Creators of SUSTAINABLE performances, the men and women of AGINERGY
have remarkable skills and know-how to lead exemplary EPCC projects worldwilde.

In a context of strong technical, economic and environmental challenges,
AGINERGY works alongside POWER & PROCESS players in specific fields.

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  • Nuclear

  • Renewables

  • Grid

  • Oil & Gas

  • Petrochemical & Refinery

  • Chemical industries

They trust us

"Our priority is to lead projects linking human being mindset with the digitalization of processes. PEOPLE and DIGITAL at the center of our customers' challenges"

Are you an EXEMPLARY player ?

Lead remarkable EPCC projects.

The professional expertise of our POWER & PROCESS specialists guarantees you proven technical solutions; efficient responses; rapidly operational teams and monitoring methods suitable to digital generations.

With AGINERGY, give a new face to your projects.

Do you have REMARKABLE skills ?

Lead exemplary EPCC projects.

Are you a talented man or woman in the field of ENERGY and the PROCESSES industry ? Come and support our clients in their technical, economic and environmental CHALLENGES, in France and abroad.

With AGINERGY, be the new face of our clients' projects.